High Quality Supermarket Desktop 2D Omni-directional Barcode Scanner MJ9520

Short Description:

Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner support screen scanning, easily capture all common QR 2D 1D codes, stacked PDF417 code on Driver’s License or ID Card. Even blurring, incomplete barcodes. 

Product Detail

Product name: High Quality Supermarket Desktop 2D Omni-directional Barcode Scanner  MJ9520

MJ 9520-2D barcode scanning platform movement is a high-performance movement, possessing the ability, high precision, speed, compatibility and other features, it can quickly identify 1D/2D barcode,mobile screen code,mobile payment code. products are widely used in retailing, supermarkets, tobacco, logistics, warehousing, health care, clothing, and other areas which is the most cost effective products on the market for your best choice.
Support : Alipay and WeChat make collections; 2D barcode mobile payment.
Support : Alipay ,National tax,Aisino,Best wonoer, lightning invoicing.
Support : WeChat billing assistant.
Support : sample order for testing and OEM / ODM
Support : Plug and Play,It can be easily installed and moved without any tools,you don’t need find clips anymore.
● Suitable for supermarkets, pharmacies, retail stores
● Read all common 1D/2D barcodes from paper labels and electronic screens
● 100% own technology to meet customization requirements
● A megapixel image ensures better performance in decoding hard-to-read barcodes
● Compatible with Linux, Android, Windows XP7/8/10/MAC OS


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