Cash drawer

Short Description:

Metal cash drawer

Product Detail

Product Features:

1)three-stage switch lock, manual or electric, with a separate key

2)5Bills,4coins/8coins optional,the width can be adjusted according to the size of notes

3)the width of a single slot can be adjusted according to actual needs

Technical Parameter:

MJ-405A cash drawer 5 bills 8 coins metal POS cash box
Model MJ-405A
Size 405(W) x 420(L) x 110(H) mm
Type 5 Bills , 8 Coins 
5 Bills , 4 Coins
4 Bills , 8 Coins
Bill Width 69/67/67/67/69 mm 
84/87/85/85 mm
Bill Length 183 mm
Coin Width 80/84/84/81 mm
Coin Length 57 mm
Check Slot 2 check slots
Position Lock 3 Position Lock
Interface RJ11 / USB
Color Black / White
Package Size 49*48*16 cm
Package Weight 8 KGS
Materil Metal Case

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