Current status and trends of barcode scanner technology development domestic and overseas

barcode technology is developed in the middle of the 20th century and widely used in the collection of optical,mechanical ,electrical and computer technology,is an important
method and means to automatically collect data and input computer.It solves the ”bottleneck” of data acquistion in computer application,realizes the fast and accurate
acquisition and transmissios of information,and is the foundation of information management system and management automation.barcode technology organically links the information system of all walks of life,provides a technical means for the synchronization of physical flow and information flow,and effectively improdves the efficiency of supply  chain management.It’s a neccessary prerequisite for the modernization of e-commerce and logistics management.

Overseas barcode scanner technology industry is developing rapidly.Due to the widespread popularity of mobile phones at this stage,communication networks is more complete,as a result,the mobile phone that can read the barcode can become a mobile data terminal integrating multiple functions,such as data collection,processing,interaction,display and authentication,so as to maximize the value of the mobile.

Barcode technology tends to be intergrated with other dutomatic identification technologies.

The bar code technology standard system is gradually improving.

The application of bar code automatic recognition technology is developing in depth.

my country’s retail industry is the first extensive application field of barcode technology. At present, there are more than 100,000 commodity barcode users in my country, more than 1 million products using barcode identification, and tens of thousands of shops that automatically scan barcodes,Greatly improve the competitiveness of our products in the domestic and foreign markets.Promoted the economic development of our country. However, the current commodity barcode users in my country are mainly concentrated in the food and daily chemical industries. The application of commodity barcodes in the medical and health care, clothing and apparel, building materials and other industries still has a lot of room for development.

In addition, in the food, clothing, home appliances, and automotive industries that have a significant impact on the national economy and have urgent application needs for barcode technology, the application of barcode technology is only preliminary, and most of them are only used for POS retail at the end of the supply chain.

In developed countries in Europe and America, the application of barcode technology is quite common. In my country, the application of barcode technology has just started.The application of barcodes in developed countries abroad is roughly divided into three stages. The first stage: automatic settlement, the second stage: applied to the internal management of the enterprise, and the third stage: applied to the entire supply chain management, logistics and distribution, chain operations and e-commerce. In my country, the application of barcode technology is in the second or early stage of the third stage.In recent years, China’s logistics industry has developed rapidly, and the scale of China’s logistics industry has also developed accordingly. As the core technology of logistics informatization, the application of bar code is moving from the initial stage to the rapid development country has become the fastest growing country in the global bar code technology equipment market, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for the domestic bar code industry.

Internationally, some economically developed countries and regions have invested a lot of money to establish regional or industrial, domestic or internationally connected electronic data exchange systems in order to improve the level of modern management and influence in international trade.Some countries or regions have promoted the application of bar code technology in commercial wholesale and retail and distribution, industrial manufacturing, financial services, etc., and achieved very obvious results.

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Post time: May-12-2021