Five key points of purchasing label printers should not be forgotten ~

Although the label printer does not belong to mass consumer goods, it is an indispensable item in our work and life. It can not only label the price of goods, but also mark private goods. It can be said that the label printer accidentally occupies every corner around us. Think about whether life and work will suddenly become a mess if the label disappears one day.  Recently, there are also many friends to reflect to us, don ‘ t know how to choose the label printer, so today, we tell the people about the portable label printer purchase points.

firstly,the printing methods of  the mainstream label machine can be divided into two types:thermal printer and the thermal trsnsfer printer.Among them,the  thermal printer doesn’t need to use carbon tape,the general printing label can maintain 6-12 months,suitable for all kinds of supermarket retail, market and other short-term need to frequently replace the label.The heat transfer printer generally needs carbon tape,and the printed label can be presserved for a long time. Moreover, according to the combine their own use when purchasing. Many of our label printers are suitable for thermal sensitive and thermal transfer printing,anti-wear,waterproof and moistureproof,high and low teperature resistance,whether commmercial or household can oh~

Secondly,the printing accuracy of label printer is also one of the very important purchase standards.It’s important to know that the printing accuracy is realized by the important accessories of the printer head. The printing accuracy of the portable printer on the market is 200 dpi and 300 dpi,respectively. It can be said that the highter the accuracy,the clearer the printed label text and code. It should be noted that the printing speed is, the lower the printing accuracy is. Therefore, we should pay attention to adjusting the appropriate parameters in use.

The third point is the print width,which means the maximum width the portable label printer can print. In general, the wider the printing width of the portable label printer is,the more types of compatible ribbons are. Therefore, it’s more adaptable to different types of work requirements. Therefore,it’s necessary to pay great attention to this when purchasing.

The fourth point is the portable printer available time. Portable label printer with battery,generally can be used without power supply,so this is one of important indicators.

Above is the portable label printer shopping points,if you can’t remember,a little attention,next time again!

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