How to understand the IP protection level of the fixed barcode scanning module?

When companies purchase barcode scanning modules, QR code scanning modules, and fixed QR code scanners,you will always see the industrial grade of each scanner device mentioned in the promotional materials,What does this protection level refer to?There is a saying,the fixed barcode scanning module has a separate shell with a built-in QR code engine,good airtightness, long service life, and generally have the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof,and can be fixed embedded (embedded, external embedded) various smart device product integration applications.
This shows,the scanning module is used in indoor and outdoor scenes,the requirements for the IP protection level of scanning equipment are completely different.Next, we might as well understand the concept of IP protection level.IP protection level is an important criterion for the safety protection of electrical equipment,IP protection rating system provides a way to classify products based on the dustproof, waterproof and collision resistance of electrical equipment and packaging.
The protection level is usually expressed by IP followed by 2 numbers, and the numbers are used to clarify the protection level.The first number indicates the range of equipment resistance to dust, or the degree to which people are protected from hazards in a sealed environment.I represents the level of preventing solid foreign objects from entering, and the highest level is 6;The second digit indicates the degree of water resistance of the equipment, which represents the level of protection against water ingress. The highest level is 8.

The first digit after IP: Dust protection level.
【0】No protection
【1】Prevent the invasion of solid foreign objects larger than 50mm in diameter
【2】Prevent the invasion of solid foreign objects with a diameter greater than 12.5mm
【3】Prevent the invasion of solid foreign objects with a diameter greater than 2.5mm
【4】Prevent the invasion of solid foreign objects with a diameter greater than 1.0mm
【5】Prevent foreign objects and dust
【6】Prevent foreign objects and dust
The second digit after IP: Waterproof grade
【0】No protection
【1】Prevent the intrusion of water droplets
【2】When tilted 15°, it still prevents water droplets from intruding
【3】Prevent water from spraying
【4】Prevent splashing water from immersing
【5】Prevent immersion of sprayed water
【6】Prevent big waves from immersing
【7】Prevent water intrusion during flooding
【8】Prevent water intrusion when sinking

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Post time: Nov-22-2022