Maintenance of POS terminal

Although the operation process of different pos terminal is different ,but the maintenance requirements are basically the same.

Generally, the following aspects must be achieved:

1.Keep the appearance of the machine clean and tidy;It is not allowed to place items on the machine, so that it’s waterproof, dustproof and oil-proof.

2.The connection of the power cord should be safe and fixed,don’t  move the machine and disassemble internal components at will.

3.After power off, turn on at least one minute later;can’t turn on and off frequently,and often check the printing ribbon and paper,replace the ribbon and printing paper in time,keep the inside of the printer clean.

4.Clean the machine regularly; remove dust and stains.

5.Each store should appoint a dedicated person to be responsible for daily maintenance work,to be able to eliminate general faults skillfully, replace the ribbon in time, and ensure the normal operation of the machine.

6.Avoid vibration when opening and closing the silver box.

7.The company will inspect the operation and maintenance of each store from time to time. Any violation of specific operating procedures will be subject to certain economic penalties. Anyone who damages the machine due to improper use shall be responsible for the repair cost.

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Post time: Nov-22-2022