MINJCODE in IEAE Exhibition 04.2021

Guangzhou Exhibition in April 2021

Guangzhou exhibition

As a professional high-tech barcode scanner & thermal printer manufacturer and supplier.MINJCODE  provides customers with a variety of high-quality and reliable barcode scanner,printer  products.We are specialized in the development, manufacture, sales and service of automatic identification products.Our label printer manchine has the advantages of fast printing,simple operation.We provide 24 months warranty, life-time technical support and 1% free back-up units for our  products.

we have a large and satisfied customer base, such as Walmart, Bank of China etc. MINJCODE's  as a professional barcode scanner and  thermal printer supplier,have the faith to harness our strong technical advantage and excellent after-sales services to provide a full range of systematic solutions to our customers all around the world.

Looking for cheap price and superior quality desktop  barcode scanner for your business ?  

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Tel :  +86 07523251993

E-mail : admin@minj.cn

Office add : Yong Jun Road, Zhongkai High-Tech District, Huizhou 516029, China.

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