MINJCODE summarize 4 tips for the use of barcode scanner

With the continuous development of automatic identification technology, barcode scanners have become quite popular nowadays. If you use the skills properly in the process of using it, you can use it better. The following is a summary of MINJCODE’s tips for using the scanner.

Tips for using the barcode scanner

In fact, when using a barcode scanner to scan barcodes, there are some tricks, as long as you master it, you can easily complete the scanning work.

barcode scanner
Barcode scanner Test

1. When scanning, be sure to keep the scanning window and the barcode at a certain inclination, so as to achieve a fast and correct scanning effect;

2. When scanning, the angle between the scanning gun and the barcode cannot be 90 degrees, otherwise the scanning and decoding work cannot be performed normally;

3. When scanning, please make sure that the light emitted by the scanning gun is completely covered on the barcode, that is to say, the barcode must be completely scanned by the scanning light, so as to ensure that the barcode information can be read by the scanning gun ;

4. The distance between the scanning head and the barcode should be selected, from far to near, to find a suitable distance. Each scan is placed near this distance. Because the types of barcodes are different, such as one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, etc., and the shapes and lengths are different, everyone must pay attention to choosing a good angle when scanning the barcode with a two-dimensional barcode scanner. The distance is about 10cm, so you can read it.

Through the learning of the above 4 tips, you can use the barcode scanner more smoothly in the future.

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