Prospect of barcode scanner industry

The 21st century is an era of rapid development of science and technology. It is no exaggeration to say that there will be development of science and technology every day. If all our supermarkets now cancel the barcode scanner gun and let the cashier manually enter the number of each item, then the long dragons in front of the cashier ’ s desk in the supermarket will bring us such an upset shopping experience. In short, people will certainly reduce the supermarket queuing to buy goods, in large terms can directly lead to a decline in consumption level. Is not conducive to the stable development of economic level. Also, if we cancel the barcode scanner when we go to the clothing store to buy clothes, the safety of the goods will be greatly reduced, the update and maintenance of warehouse inventory and other information will be difficult and the theft rate will be greatly improved. If we are online shopping, express delivery does not have barcode scanners for real-time location of the parcel tracking, then can not guarantee the accurate arrival of goods to buyers.

Nowadays, barcode scanner technology has been widely used in many fields and industries, such as retail industry, manufacturing, logistics, medical, warehousing, and even security. The most popular is the 2d code on WeChat, which can quickly and accurately identify information. After installing a new version of WeChat ( including 2d code software ), your mobile phone can directly use the mobile phone camera to scan and identify the information contained in the 2d code. Each WeChat user can generate its own unique 2d code. When you have a 2d code, the information of the person you want to find can accurately appear under the scanning of the mobile phone, which can effectively prevent people who do not know anything wrong from being friends.

Now many fast food restaurants, such as KFC and McDonald ‘s, have pioneered the introduction of 2d code scanning electronic coupons instead of previous ones. Because many previous electronic coupons have time constraints, but the number and location are not limited, resulting in the proliferation of electronic coupons. The current 2d code scanning coupons are no longer limited by time and region, providing convenience for more consumers, and also conducting large-scale promotions for businesses themselves. In addition, the ordering machine is also introduced, and customers can purchase goods by themselves on the machine, which not only reduces the queuing time, but also reduces the labor cost of merchants.

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Thus, the prospect of barcode scanners will be unlimited, because it is fully in line with the pace of fast pace in modern society.Huizhou Minjie Technology Co.,Ltd specially developed barcode scanning equipment,product include:barcode scanner,wires barcode scanner,wireless barcode scanner,1d barcode  scanner,2d barcode scanner,bluetooth barcode scanner,laser barcode scanner etc. 

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