The Important Position of Label Thermal Printer in Food Packaging

In the process of food production, in addition to ensuring that the product has a good quality, but also let consumers have the  right to know, a clear understanding of the production date and preservation date of the product, but also remind consumers of the time to eat in advance, so as not to eat expired products, therefore, the label printer plays a very important role in the food production line. Labeling thermal printer are mainly concentrated in beverage, beer, mineral water and other industries, and begin to develop into wire and cable, industrial manufacturing, supermarket and other industries. Not only can help product mark production date, but also can carry on the potential problem tracking, prevent fake, etc., the food industry is still the biggest market of label machine.

Similar to the development of other mechanical equipment, when the label thermal printer first appeared, the type was also very single, and the volume was relatively large and cumbersome, which could not guarantee the effect of product printing and bring many inconveniences to enterprises and consumers. With the progress of science and technology in China, many advanced technologies have been continuously applied to the production of labelling machines. The types and functions of labelling machines are increasing, which can gradually meet the needs of the market and enterprises.

Label Thermal printer is irreplaceable in food packaging market :

Compared with bar code machine, the label thermal printer has less investment and low cost. It has an irreplaceable leading position in the printing of paper boxes and labels. Nowadays, only by seeing the development status of the whole situation and constantly moving towards the automation, intelligence, diversification, high efficiency and high quality of the equipment, the labelling thermal printer manufacturers can catch up with the advanced level and win more markets.

At present, the development status of domestic marking machine :

After years of development and market expansion, the current application field of labelling thermal printer is particularly extensive, which can not only be well applied in food, beverage, medicine, chemical industry, building materials and other industries. Among them, the universal labeling thermal printer can be used for medicine, food, cosmetics, hardware and other labels, plastic bags date, batch number, shelf life printing and other industries of various soft packaging paper boxes, paper, plastic bags aluminum foil and other materials on the surface of printing labels, barcodes. The color band produced by paste can also be used for plastic bags such as bread bags, health care products boxes, labels, non-dry adhesive, paper boxes, paper boxes and various trademark paper printing production date, batch number, weight, etc.
The development trend of label thermal printer is high efficiency, multifunction and low consumption

With the gradual maturity of the label thermsl printer market, the label thermal printer with high efficiency, multi-function and low consumption are constantly emerging, and the needs of customers are gradually showing a diversified trend. Therefore, more new label thermal printer are required to meet the personalized and diversified needs of customers.

 The label printer not only replaces the traditional industrial barcode machine, but also the traditional industrial barcode machine is bulky and inconvenient to carry. Moreover, it can only print the barcode, and its function is limited. Therefore, the label printer is greatly different. It can not only print the label, but also print the barcode, pattern, 1d code and 2d code. Moreover, the universal portable label machine is also convenient for everyone to carry. It can be mastered by one hand and printed by one hand, supporting the collocation of multiple label ribbons and consumables, saving money and improving work efficiency.


Post time: Jul-22-2021