The QR code access control card reader

Nowadays, in the era of rapid development of China’s mobile Internet, people’s living habits are inseparable from mobile phones. No matter it is in the field of communications, the field of payment has made steady progress. In the field of access control, it has also begun to get rid of the traditional card-swiping password to open the door and develop a variety of mobile terminals to achieve access control. Mobile phone QR code access control is also an important development direction in recent years.


MJ8601 QR code access control card reader. It’s  an access control device developed in response to this growing demand.

MJ8601 Compared with traditional access control, the QR code access control card reader has the following significant advantages:

1. Replace the traditional door card, simple installation, low maintenance cost, and integrate the door opening function into the mobile phone, which is convenient for work and life.

2. A large number of 2D code access control application data show that mobile phone 2D code access control can provide a huge drainage for the smart community platform, forming a real and effective “closed loop”, and better taking into account enterprise income generation and convenient access.

3. Using a mobile phone to open the door can effectively collect access data, grasp the flow of people entering and leaving, high and low peaks, and relevant departments can scientifically and reasonably arrange manpower coordination, reduce entry and exit congestion, improve user experience, and save labor costs.

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Post time: Sep-28-2021