Thermal transfer allows the  sign production industry to achieve subversive innovation

August 25 is the National Low-Carbon Day. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment advocated “energy saving, carbon reduction, green development” and “low-carbon life, greening the future” to the whole society.

As an emerging printing process, thermal transfer printing has obvious technical advantages. The heat transfer logo production process is a kind of “zero pollution, zero emission” green environmental protection technology. In 2014, heat transfer was rated as a major energy-saving and environmentally-friendly recommended technology by the National Development and Reform Commission. The plan for energy saving and emission reduction of environmental labels includes thermal transfer labels, nano-polymer composite materials and thermal transfer consumables ribbons. The entire manufacturing process of the thermal transfer label not only achieves low-carbon environmental protection in a true sense, but also achieves pollution-free and zero emissions. Compared with the traditional logo production process and production process, the thermal transfer logo can reduce most of the waste of energy resources and meet the essential needs of building a green and environmentally friendly power grid.

The thermal transfer technology solves the problems of high cost, long production time, non-reusable, short service life, and inconsistent materials of traditional logo production. Thermal transfer brings intelligent, efficient and economical innovative management mode to logo application scenarios. . Thermal transfer technology has created a new type of simple, fast, energy-saving and environmentally friendly logo production process, which is a subversive innovation in the logo production industry.

As a manufacturer of domestically produced printers, MINJCODE adheres to the philosophy of providing end users with a convenient and fast printing experience and fashionable and cost-effective consumption. Minjcode creates energy-saving and emission-reducing thermal transfer products for more individual users and operators, and creates value .

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Post time: Sep-07-2021