What are the functions of the POS system?

At present, both the retail industry and the fast-moving consumer industry need efficient POS systems, so what is the POS system?What are the functions of the POS system?

Retail companies increasingly need to control offline business on any platform, any device, and at any time. For this reason, the retail terminal POS system must complete the role conversion from “Mr. Accountant” to “Intelligent Butler” and present it to customers in a lighter posture,enhance the shopping experience.

The POS system is so important,how should we choose?


Nowaday enterprises should consider the following questions when choosing a POS system:
一、Support for business
Not only the understanding of the existing business, but also the need to support the future expansion of the business.
二、Platform architecture requirements
Flexible docking with external systems, the system stably supports the concurrency of large amounts of data, and always pays attention to and uses advanced technology to maintain product industry leadership.
三、Implement and Customer Service Supervisor
Standardized and professional implementation team, rigorous and scientific project management and risk control capabilities, provide quick response and comprehensive Customer Service and support.
Not only in the operating system, but also in system miniaturization and multi-device support.
五、Ready access to data
Keep abreast of changes in sales and consumer behavior, and access key data in real time.
六、Report analysis
Built-in business data model,report analysis can be viewed by subject.
七、Data Security
The core data is uniformly managed by the headquarters, and the terminal does not store any sensitive data.

POS systems are generally divided into two parts: front-end and back-end.
The back-end core functions of the retail terminal POS system:
Inventory management, performance management, rule engine, member management, terminal management, master data management, member analysis
The front-end core functions of the retail terminal POS system:
Member 360°, sales management, inventory management, employee management, rule execution, activity management, report statistics

Post time: May-28-2021