Why Use 2D Barcode Scanners?

By now you are probably familiar with 2D barcodes,such as the ubiquitous QR code,if not by name,then by sight.You are probably even using QR code for your business (and if you aren't,you should be.) While QR codes can be easily read by most cell phones and mobile devices,they are not the only 2D barcodes.The others require specialized 2D barcode scanners.You may be wondering why use the 2D barcodes that need a scanner if you can just use easily readable QR codes,but there are many good reasons to be using 2D barcodes paired with a 2D barcode scanner.Many manufacturers are now using 2D barcodes because they provide functionality and efficiency that can't be achieved with linear 1D barcodes or popular 2D QR code. Below are 5 reasons you should be using 2D barcode scanners for your small business: 

1. Increased efficiency and reduced human error

Entering data by hand into spreadsheets and databases or a pen and paper system is time-consuming and error prone. Once errors are made they are almost impossible to catch until the time comes that you need to find an item and can’t, which is the worst time to be burdened with the time-consuming task of locating the missing item. Small businesses that switch from manual systems to barcode scanners can save hours or even weeks of human labor and see immediate reductions in errors and time spent finding inventory or assets.

2. 2D barcode scanners can scan both 1D and 2D barcodes

Using a 2D barcode scanner means your company is ready for the future, but still able to work with the past. You can use your new 2D barcode scanners to read your old 1D barcodes and they can work with your suppliers or customers who still use 1D barcodes. One of the big benefits of 2D barcode scanners is that they can also read the new 2D barcodes. This means your company can move into the future but won’t have to overhaul its old system or demand new barcodes from old suppliers, clients, or customers.

3. The cost of 2D barcode scanners has dropped considerably

While 2D barcodes used to be significantly more expensive than 1D barcodes they no longer are. The price of 2D barcode scanners are now comparable to 1D barcode scanners as well as affordable barcode scanning solutions that include 2D barcode scanners. The reduction in cost means that 2D barcode scanners and the inventory and asset management systems that use them can pay for themselves even quicker.

4. Increased mobility and wireless connectivity

Many 2D barcode scanners, like MINJCODE's Barcode, can connect to cell phones, mobile devices, and computers equipped with Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transmit data. This means you don’t have to deal with corded devices that can be cumbersome to carry and in some cases make it difficult to reach certain items. This can also save time as there is no longer a need to update your database from information stored on a scanner, it is immediately added to your system. 

5. Increased functionality and versatility

Using 2D barcode scanners significantly increases what you can do with your barcode scanner. Traditional 1D barcode scanners can only scan 1D barcodes one at a time and often from only one angle. This can make scanning items complicated and difficult and in some cases impossible. 2D barcode scanners work omnidirectional which means they can scan from any angle and this helps a lot when you need to reach items that are on shelves or stored in tight or odd locations. The 2D barcode scanners also can scan multiple barcodes in one scan, this means you could scan 4 barcodes with one reading and get information on an item's serial number, part number, lot, and date.

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Post time: Feb-27-2023