Barcode scanner module helps self-service terminal industry continue to innovate

In the field of automatic identification applications of the Internet of Things, the QR code scanning module is the indispensable core of various self-service barcode scanning applications. Every industry is in the process of automatic QR code identification, collection and embedded integrated development. Don’t open it, especially in the current public transportation scan code charging field, so that the QR code module is even more favored by customers.

The definition and application of QR code scanning module

By definition, it’s a core identification component widely used in the field of automatic identification. It has complete and independent barcode/QR code scanning and decoding functions, so it is also called a QR code reading engine and a QR code scanning module. We can write the application function programs of the corresponding industry according to the needs, embed and integrate them into the equipment and expand the “QR code scanning” function. There are many applications about it in real life, such as embedding the scanning module on the bus equipment to scan the code to take the bus; install it on the POS terminal to realize the anti-scan code payment, etc. It can be said to be with us Life is closely related, making our lives more intelligent and convenient.