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The 1D laser barcode scanner is a device used to scan 1D barcodes. It uses laser technology to convert barcode information into numbers or characters by scanning the stripes on the barcode. The scanner is characterised by fast scanning speed, ease of use and a wide range of application scenarios. It can be used in industries such as supermarket checkouts and logistics couriers. When choosing a 1D laser barcode scanner, you need to select a scanner that supports different barcode types according to your actual needs and prioritise the use of a high-speed and stable scanning engine to improve efficiency and accuracy.



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We are a professional manufacturer dedicated to producing high-quality 1D scanners. Our products cover 1D scanners of various types and specifications. Whether your needs are for retail, medical, warehousing or logistics industries, we can provide you with the perfect solution.

In addition, the professional technicians in our team pay great attention to the performance of the scanner, and constantly upgrade and innovate to meet the changing needs of customers. We are committed to providing the best service and support to ensure that every customer has the best experience possible.

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If you want to read "traditional" 1D barcodes (these are the barcodes commonly found on most supermarket products you buy) then you only need a 1D laser barcode scanner. 1D bar code scanners can only read 1D barcodes.Such as:MJ2808,MJ2808AT,MJ2810 etc.

If you have any interest or query during the selection or use of any barcode laser scanner, please Click the link below send your inquiry to our official mail   (admin@minj.cn) directly! MINJCODE is committed to the research and development of bar code scanner technology and application equipment, our company has 14 years of industry experience in the professional fields, and has been highly recognized by the majority of customers!

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1.1D scanners compared with other scanners

1.1. CCD scanners: CCD scanners use image sensors to scan barcodes, which can read standard barcodes but require higher print quality, while 1D laser barcode scanners can read barcodes of different print quality more reliably.

1.2. 2D scanners: 2D area scanners can read 2D barcodes and 2D codes, but are more expensive than 1D laser scanners are expensive.

1.3.  Handheld mobile terminals: Mobile terminals are commonly used in logistics, distribution and other industries, but are more costly than 1D laser barcode scanners. Second. Advantages and disadvantages of laser barcode scanners  1D

2. For you The following factors need to be considered when choosing a 1D laser barcode scanner

3.1 Scanning distance: the scanning distance needs to be chosen according to the actual usage;

3.2 Single scanning capacity: the number of codes that can be scanned per second needs to be chosen according to the actual usage requirements;

3.3 Hardware interface: USB, RS232, etc.;

3.4 Price budget: different brands and The prices of different brands and models of laser barcode scanners 1D are different, you need to choose according to the actual budget requirements. In short, the most suitable  barcode laser scanner for you should consider the actual needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is a 1D laser scanner?

A 1D laser for scanning 1D barcodes. It uses laser technology to automatically convert barcode information, represented by a series of lines and spaces, into a numeric or character format. Known for its high scanning speed, ease of use and versatility, this scanner is commonly used in industries such as retail and logistics.

How do 1D laser barcode scanners work?

The laser light hits the surface of the label and its reflection is captured by the sensor (laser photodetector) to read the barcode. The laser beam reflects off the mirror and sweeps left and right to read the barcode The laser can be used to read barcode labels at a distance and wide.

How do I connect a 1D laser barcode scanner to my device?

Most 1D laser barcode scanners connect from a device via a USB or serial port.

What types of barcodes can be read by 1D laser scanners?

1D laser barcode scanners can read a variety of linear barcodes such as UPC/EANCode11 Code128, Code39 etc.

What is the difference between a 1D scanner and a 2D scanner?

A 1D scanner can only read linear barcodes, where as a 2D scanner can read 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes and screen codes.

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1. Demand communication:

Customers and manufacturers to communicate their needs, including functionality, performance, color, logo design, etc.

2.Making samples:

The manufacturer makes a sample machine according to the customer's needs, and the customer confirms whether it meets the requirements.

3. Customized production:

Confirm that the sample meets the requirements and the manufacturer starts to produce barcode scanners.


4. Quality inspection:

After the production is completed, the manufacturer will check the quality of the bar code scanner to ensure that it meets the customer's requirements.

5. Shipping packaging:

According to customer requirements for packaging, choose the optimal transport route.

6. After-sales service:

We will respond within 24 hours if any problem occurs during the use of the customer.

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Peple Also ASK?

How to choose a suitable 1D laser barcode scanner?

1. Compatibility: Make sure the barcode scanner is compatible with the software and systems your business uses.

2. Scanning distance: Consider how far you need to scan barcodes. If you need to scan barcodes from a distance, choose a scanner with a longer range.

3. Durability: If you plan to use your scanner in harsh environments, choose a scanner that is durable and can withstand potential damage.

4. Connectivity: Consider the connectivity options available. Choose a scanner that easily connects to your device, whether via USB or RS232 etc.

5. Price: Finally, consider your budget. While 1D barcode scanners are relatively inexpensive, some models are more expensive than others.

What industries use 1D laser barcode scanners?

The most common industries using laser 1D barcode scanners include retail, logistics, healthcare and manufacturing.

Are there any limitations when using a 1D laser barcode scanner?

One limitation of using a 1D laser scanner is that it can only scan 1D barcodes. In addition, it may not be suitable for scanning barcodes on small surfaces or curved surfaces.

What scenarios are 1D laser barcode scanners suitable for?

Laser barcode scanners are suitable for many different application, such as inventory management, order processing, logistics and transport. Especially in scenarios where barcodes can be fully expanded, such as warehouses, shops etc., 1D laser barcode scanners are very suitable.