Barcode Scanners Manufacturer in China

MINJCODE barcode scanners include 1D & 2D,wired & wireless,handheld & desktop,laser & CCD barcode scanner and scanner module.

MINJCODE has been focusing on innovation of barcode scanner devices for many years. We are a wholesale manufacturer of barcode scanners in China. After years of development, we have registered 15 patents for the appearance and structure design of our scanners, and obtained related certifications such as RoHS, IP54, CE, FCC, REACH, ISO9001:2015, etc.

MINJCODE is dedicated to providing professional omnidirectional and handheld scanners for retail and supermarket . They can be installed directly into a cashier's station, allowing goods to be scanned with a simple swipe of barcode.

Below are some of the high quality barcode scanner gun types you can buy for your business.