Do you know the ten basic knowledge of POS terminal?

Nowadays, POS terminal has become a very common device in people ‘ s lives, but many people still have a vague understanding of POS terminal.  Today, simply popularize the basic knowledge of POS.

1.What is the financial POS terminal ?

Simply speaking, it is the non-cash payment equipment for merchants, payment hardware equipment for cardholders to provide authorization, consumption, settlement services, mainly used in bank card receipt business. 


2. What are the types of POS terminal ?

Fixed POS terminal : Telephone line, broadband line.

Mobile POS terminal : GPRS, Bluetooth, WIFI and so on.

Audio Card Brusher : Communication mode : access phone audio mouth, commonly known as audio handbrush.

Bluetooth card brusher : the mode of communication is : connect mobile phone Bluetooth. Mainly has the password keyboard version and the card head version.

3. What is the third party payment company ?

Simply understand, is engaged in payment business of non-bank financial institutions.

4. What is the third party payment license ?

A business license of non-financial institutions authorized by the People ’ s Bank of China to engage in payment business according to laws and regulations has the following business types :

( 1 ) Currency exchange.

( 2 ) Internet payment.

( 3 ) Mobile phone payment.

( 4 ) Fixed telephone payment.

( 5 ) Digital TV payment.

( 6 ) Issuance and acceptance of prepaid cards.

( 7 ) Bank card receipts ( commonly known as POS business ).

( 8 ) Other payment services signed by the People ‘s Bank of China.

5. What is the flow card ?

SAM card for GPRS communication in mobile POS terminal network has the difference between big card and small card, the difference between the strength of communication signal, the flow card with 11-bit number to recharge and the one-time use of pre-storage flow card, a POS terminal flow card.

6. What is Mcc ?

MCC is the abbreviation of Merchant Category Code. There are tens of millions of merchants in China. When the receipts are distributed POS to merchants, a number of merchants will be set. This number is very important. This number is usually 15 bits, which is composed of institutional code ( 3 bits ) + regional code ( 4 bits ) + merchant type MCC code ( 4 bits ) + merchant sequence number ( 4 bits ), and MCC code is an important part of this merchant number.

7. What is electronic signature ?

Electronic signature is a more secure and efficient new signature method, which can replace the traditional paper signature. Using electronic signature, only need to sign on the touch screen after the transaction is completed. POS will automatically upload the signature to the system after the signature is completed. After the upload is completed, you can choose whether to print paper tickets, printed tickets have printed cardholder electronic signature.

8. What is machine S / N ?

The product serial number of POS manufacturers for each terminal is generally called SN number, which is generally printed on the back of the POS terminal. The purchaser needs to enter SN number in the system to connect the POS terminal with the system background.

9. What are T1, T0, D1, D0 ?

t + 1 for the second working day.

t + 0 for the working day.

d + 1 is the check-in on the second day ( including rest days and holidays ).

d + 0 for the full year ( including holidays, holidays ).

10. What is wind control ?
generally refers to risk control. Generally, financial institutions and payment companies have such positions. They mainly take various measures and methods to eliminate and reduce various possibilities of risk events or reduce losses caused by risk events. The basic ways are : risk avoidance, loss control, risk transfer and risk retention.

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Post time: Jul-21-2021