What kind of POS terminal is good for convenience stores?

The rise of the convenience store market also means fierce market competition. In the new market environment, convenience stores need to arm themselves with smart cashiers and digitalization to connect more customers and scenes. Many people who are preparing to open a store will search the Internet for “what equipment to buy to open a convenience store” in advance. In addition to the necessary goods and shelves, there is also a smart cashier POS machine that can help store operations and management.

Different stores need different smart POS terminal devices. Some small mom-and-pop shops may only need to place two printed collection codes at the cashier to complete the collection, but this method of using the collection code to collect payments does not improve the subsequent reconciliation and purchase, sales and deposit management.

Some more formal or larger  convenience stores and mom-and-pop stores will use single-screen POS terminal or dual-screen POS terminal.Abundant external interfaces can connect more peripheral devices and broaden application scenarios.

1.Small space,you can sell more goods

Convenience stores aren’t as big as supermarkets,so they need to save space.It’s best to choose a convenience stores POS terminal with a small footprint to save space for the POS terminal.In the case of saving  space,some chewing gum,paper towels and other items can be placed in a conspicuous place of the cash register to facilitate to by more things.

2.The input should be convenient,and the goods on the shelf should be fast

Many products in convenience stores are updated every day,so they need to be restocked  every day.If you encounter a clerk who isn’t familiar with the business,it will often affect the speed of new product launches.For example,rise balls,pasta,and kanto cooking also require scanning.Therfore,it’s necessary to facilitate the warehousing operation of the goods at the cashier of the convenience store,and it’s best to directly scan the warehousing code instead of manally inputting the bar code of the goods.

3.Support aggregate payment to improve customer experience

There are many customers who come to the convenience store to shop,and the payment methods are also various.Although mobile payment methods such as QR code payment and face payment are very common,most elderly or children use cash,bank cards and even membership cards.Therefore,the convenience store POS terminal should support multiple payment methods.

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Post time: Sep-02-2021