What’s the difference between an industrial scanner and a supermarket cashier’s scanner

Industrial scanning barcode scanner is a kind of high-tech product, along with the rapid development of science and technology in recent years, the scanning gun constantly innovation, now familiar with the general public and widespread use, is the third generation of mouse and keyboard after major computer input device, image information, document information can be through the scanning gun input to the computer processing and storage. Scanning gun according to the needs of different industries, divided into industrial scanning gun and commercial scanning gun, then industrial scanning gun and commercial supermarket cashier scanning gun what is the difference?

What’s the difference between an industrial scanner and a supermarket cashier’s scanner

1.Scanning gun performance gap

Compared with the general commercial type scanning gun, with the industrial assembly line using the scanning gun on the performance and the shell design and so on all aspects of the demand is higher, so the industrial-grade scanning gun recognition rate for the first time, scanning speed, scanning range, resolution, and can read information parameters, such as, has more superior performance, in a given scanning distance length of the bar code scanning beam can read information on the physical and scanning width is greater.

2.Scan gun IP level gap

Industrial production line using the scanning gun in addition to the high performance requirements, consider the difference of environment, industrial production line of the relative business using the environment more complex, for example, we may have some dust, liquid, or shock vibration machine of natural factors, such as corrosion as a result, the demand is higher, to the stability of the scanning gun and the stability and reliability are generally measured by IP level. In general, the higher the IP level of the scanner gun means the higher the stability. Because the commercial working environment is better, the IP level of the scanning gun is lower.

3.Scanning gun price difference

Compared with commercial scanning guns, industrial scanning guns have relatively high requirements in terms of performance and shell design, large consumption of production supplies, and the corresponding price will be more expensive. Commercial scanning guns generally cost hundreds of pieces of such price, different brands and models, the price will be different. Industrial scanning guns are much more expensive.

Above is the difference between industrial scanning gun and supermarket cashier scan gun, mainly reflected in such aspects as performance, protection level and price, of course, other aspects of difference didn’t mention, if you want more detailed insight into the supermarket cashier scan gun, contact with MINJCODE

Post time: Nov-22-2022