Application value of modern intelligent double-sided screen POS terminal in retail stores

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, some retail industries, pharmacies, clothing stores, restaurants and so on have upgraded and updated the terminal equipment of POS terminal receipts. The original traditional computer-based POS terminal has become a widely used Android version of dual-screen intelligent POS terminal. Dual-screen intelligent POS terminal can be seen everywhere in our lives, whether it is a convenience store downstairs, or a milk tea shop on the street or a gas station at the intersection.  The dual-screen POS terminal model is also widely used in pharmacies.

Taking the POS terminal series that we have now listed as an example, it is divided into double screen POS terminal and single screen POS terminal.  Among them, the double-screen POS terminal is divided into the main screen and the guest screen. The main screen can be operated by the cashier. The guest screen is customer-oriented. The display mode of the double-screen display is helpful for the commercial advertising display and the improvement of the customer ’ s self-service payment experience, so as to achieve instant interaction.  In comparison, this advantage is the effect that the single-screen system can’t achieve.

Now many dual-screen POS terminal pharmaceutical new retail industry empowerment, through the application of intelligent terminals and drive pharmaceutical new retail to a more intelligent direction.  The dual-screen POS terminal pos function doesn’t only POS terminal, but also achieves the following functions :

1.Integrated machine makes the cashier complex and simple.    

It integrates double screen + thermal printer+ scanning code brush face payment, and gives you a simple cashier.  The cashier interface is simple and clear, and all the cashier operations can be completed through the shortcut key. It is simple and easy to operate, and the cashier speed is more efficient.

2. Transparency of customer consumption data    

When the customer accounts, commodity information, commodity prices, membership information, integral situation, discount preferential amount, real receipts on the screen at a glance, avoid mistakes and omissions, improve customer purchasing experience.

3. Promotional advertising, raise the price of customers    

Through the product advertisement and promotion information in the customer screen rotation store, the face-to-face media advertisement can arouse the customer ‘ s attention, stimulate the customer ‘ s purchase desire in an instant, and effectively raise the customer ‘ s unit price.

4. Double screen technology, display quality.    

Double-sided screen, customer-oriented screen, can dynamically display pharmacy promotional pictures, video advertising, promotional information, a simple desktop, so that the pharmacy looks more advanced, enhance the quality of the store.

5. Double screen synchronization : one side of information management, one side of advertising.    

Double-screen POS terminal can efficiently complete cashier management, membership management, promotion management, purchase, sale and storage, and management of headquarters system. The guest screen shows customers pictures, promotion information, and purchase information of the pharmacy. In addition, the promotion information displayed when customers purchase can be set through the host screen to achieve precise marketing. Proper application will play a great role in the operation of the pharmacy.

6. Entering Video Advertisement to Achieve Precision Marketing     

Double screen cash register, guest screen support video advertising mode, chain stores, customers accurate, can cooperate with pharmaceutical manufacturers, play its drug advertising, store extra profit advertising.

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