What are the advantages of single-screen and double-screen POS terminal?

Intelligent POS terminal are not only used for the statistics of receipts and business data of catering retail, but also for desktop intelligent pos terminals in catering retail, identity recognition, security, medical treatment, refueling and other places.  Intelligent POS terminal are divided into single POS terminal and double screen POS terminal . Do they have any different advantages.

Doule screen POS terminal

The double-screen touch POS terminal is divided into the main screen and the guest screen. The main screen touch screen is available for shop assistants to operate, and the guest screen is customer-oriented. It is mainly used to confirm the order information, display the two-dimensional code of receipts, payable amount and display publicity information ( product display, preferential information, company introduction, etc. ). There is no need to print an advertisement sheet and set up a brand with the 2d barcode of receipts. The display mode of double-screen display is helpful to improve the business information display and customer experience.  It can be seen that dual-screen POS terminal are more conducive to the immediate interaction between merchants and customers.

From the sales data, the users of double screen touch POS terminal are mostly supermarkets, restaurants, milk tea shops, coffee shops, clothing shops and chain brand convenience stores.  Some of the more upscale hotels will introduce smart POS terminal with identity recognition functions, such as MINJCODE'S POS terminal, and support Android or Windows systems on the basis of double screens. At the same time, optional screen materials, printing functions, chips and interfaces can meet the customized needs of customers in different industries.

single screen POS terminal

Single screen touch POS terminal is more used in small restaurants, fast food restaurants and couples retail stores.  Single screen smart POS terminal price is relatively low, small space, more flexible placement.  

However, it is difficult to find the wrong order in time because there is no screen or LED display for customers to confirm the amount of money. If it is simply a small retail restaurant, customer interaction requirements are not much shops, the use of a single screen POS  terminal cost-effective.

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Post time: Nov-22-2022