The application value of double-sided screen POS terminal in retail stores, pharmacies, etc.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, some retail industries, pharmacies, clothing stores, restaurants, etc. have upgraded and updated the POS terminal equipment. The original traditional computer-based POS terminal has become the widely used Android version. Dual-screen smart POS terminal, dual-screen smart POS terminal can be seen everywhere in our lives, whether it is a convenience store downstairs, a milk tea shop on the street or a gas station at an intersection. The dual-screen cash register model is also widely used in pharmacies.

POS terminal MJ7850POS terminal MJ7850

Take the POS terminal series that MINJCODE  Technology has already put into the market as an example, it is divided into dual-screen POS terminal and single-screen POS terminal . Among them, the dual-screenPOS terminal is divided into a main screen and a guest screen. The main screen can be operated by the cashier clerk. The guest screen is for customers. The dual-screen display mode can help merchants display advertisements and enhance the customer self-operation order payment experience, realizing instant interactive.In comparison, this advantage is an effect that a single-screen system can’t achieve.

Many dual-screen POS terminal are now empowered by the new pharmaceutical retail industry, driving the new pharmaceutical retail to a smarter direction through the application of smart terminals. Dual-screen POS can do more than cashiers, what else can it do?

1. All-in-one machine makes the cashier complex and simple

Integrating a dual-screen computer set + receipt printer + barcode gun in one, it also gives you a simple POS terminal; thePOS terminal interface is simple and clear, all POS terminal operations can be completed through shortcut keys, simple and easy to operate, and the cash register speed is more efficient.

2. Transparency of customer consumption data

When customers check out, product information, product prices, member information, points status, discounts, and actual payments are clearly visible on the customer screen to avoid mistakes and omissions, and improve the customer’s drug purchase experience.

3. Promotional advertisements increase the unit price of customers

Through the guest screen carousel in-store product advertisements and promotional information, face-to-face media advertisements can attract customers’ attention, stimulate customers’ desire to buy in an instant, and effectively increase customer unit prices.

4. Dual-screen technology, full of quality

The double-sided screen, the guest screen faces customers, can dynamically display pharmacy promotional pictures, video advertisements, and promotional information. The concise countertop of the integrated machine makes the pharmacy look more high-end and enhances the quality of the store.

5. Dual screen synchronization: information management on one side, advertising display on the other

Dual-screen POS thermal, the main screen can efficiently complete the cashier management, membership management, promotion management, purchase, sales and inventory, management headquarters system management, etc., the customer screen displays the pharmacy promotional pictures, promotion information, and purchase information to customers. In addition, the customer displays the information when purchasing Promotional information can be set through the main screen to achieve precise marketing. Proper use will play a great role in the operation of pharmacies.

6. In-store video advertising to achieve precision marketing

The dual-screen POS thermal, the guest screen supports the video advertisement playing mode, and the chain stores have many stores and accurate customers. They can cooperate with pharmaceutical manufacturers to broadcast their pharmaceutical advertisements, and the stores can earn additional advertising revenue.

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Post time: Sep-16-2021