Unlocking Efficiency and Mobility: The Foldable POS Advantage

As mobile payments and mobility continue to evolve, the collapsible POS was born. This portable and flexible device not only meets the needs of mobile merchants but also provides users with a more convenient and personalized consumer experience. The collapsible POS trend is dedicated to improving portability, ease of use and security, creating more value for merchants and customers.

1. Design and functional features of foldable POS machine

1.1 The design and functional characteristics of foldable POS are mainly reflected in the appearance design and structural features

Appearance design: foldable POS usually adopts a thin and portable design, compact shape and lightweight.

Structural features: The foldable POS machine has flexible and adjustable structural features: that can be rotated 180 degrees.

1.2. Operation process: The operation process of using foldable POS generally includes the following steps:

1. Connect the power supply and data line: connect the foldable POS machine host to the base and turn on the power supply and data line.

2. Turn on the POS: Long press the power button or press the switch to turn on the POS and the system starts.

3. Select payment method: According to the customer's needs, select the appropriate payment method, such as card payment, code scanning payment, etc.

4. Input payment amount: Input the transaction amount, show the POS to the customer and let the customer operate to complete the payment.

5. Print the ticket: After the transaction is completed, print the settlement ticket and provide it to the customer.

6. Handle after-sales service: If necessary, refund or return operation, handle after-sales service matters.

7. Switch off POS: After the transaction is completed, you can press the switch-off button to switch off the POS and disconnect the power supply and data cable.

Foldable POS
Foldable POS machine

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2. Foldable POS has the advantage of flexible response to demand in different scenarios. The following are the specific application advantages in retail shops, catering and exhibitions, as well as the corresponding practical cases

2.1 Advantages of Retail Stores1 and Practical Cases

1. Retail shops: Foldable POS in retail shops can improve service quality and customer experience. By using foldable POS, sales staff can process payments and transactions for customers more conveniently, reduce queuing time and improve service efficiency. According to a study, customer satisfaction increased by an average of 15 percent and customer churn decreased by 10 percent in retail shops using collapsible POS.

2.Practical case: After the introduction of collapsible POS in a retail shop, customer feedback on the speed of transactions is significantly faster, and the operation of the sales staff is more flexible, customer satisfaction has increased significantly.

2.2 Advantages and Practical Cases of the Catering Industry

1. Catering: The advantages of collapsible POS in the catering industry is mainly manifested in the high efficiency of ordering, checkout and service. Restaurant waiters can use collapsible POS machines for ordering operations, and real-time transmission of order information to the back kitchen, reducing ordering errors and kitchen waiting time. Meanwhile, at the checkout, waiters can quickly record orders and provide payment method options, shortening queuing time and improving overall service efficiency. According to catering industry research data, restaurants using collapsible POS have improved order accuracy by an average of 20% and shortened checkout time by an average of 30%.

2. Actual case: after the introduction of a collapsible POS machine in a hot pot restaurant, the order accuracy rate has been significantly improved, the waiting time of customers has been significantly reduced, and the overall service effect has been praised by customers.

2.3 Advantages of Exhibition and Actual Cases

1. Exhibitions: The advantages of collapsible POS in exhibitions mainly lie in portability and flexibility. Exhibition activities usually require temporary construction of sales points, and traditional POS machines are not easy to move and lay out. The portability of foldable POS can be easily carried to the exhibition site, and the unfolding and folding status can be adjusted according to the demand, to realize a flexible layout and transaction. According to an exhibition survey, exhibitors using collapsible POS increased their customer traffic by 25% on average and increased their sales by 15% on average.

2. Actual case: an exhibitor used a foldable POS in the exhibition, which not only could receive customers quickly but also could move the position of the device to adapt to the changes in the booth, which effectively improved sales performance.

In the modern business world, POS is an indispensable part of daily business, and collapsible POS is gradually emerging as a more flexible and easy-to-use device. Its unprecedented portability and mobility optimize the operational efficiency of merchants and saves a lot of time and labor costs. For the whole industry and market, collapsible POS represents the future direction of POS development and is more in line with future business needs. Therefore, both merchants and consumers should consider a foldable POS as a brand-new device when choosing a POS.

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