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MINJCODE is a professional manufacturer of barcode scanner stand from China,We’re here to help you find the right barcode products for your needs and the MINJCODE team is here to offer free advice on products and technical enquiries.

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Barcode Scanner Stand

  1. New opening design can be applied to the support bases of different sizes of scanning code guns currently sold in the market.
  2. Opening design reduces time for placing the bracket.
  3. The gooseneck can be adjusted to any angle, which is convenient to use and free hands.
  4. Gooseneck is made of metal, which is strong and durable.
  5. Bottom is equipped with a metal weighting block, which is more stable on the desktop.

Specification Parameter

barcode scanner stand
5*3.25*8.5 inches

Stand Scanner

This stand allows you to free your hands by simply placing the barcode scanner into the stand, adjusting the flexible neck and scanning the barcode by waving the item within the scanner's range. This barcode scanner is perfect for point of sale, event entrances, cinemas, storage rooms and other areas where hands-free barcode scanning is required.

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