Want to open a supermarket convenience store? The POS terminal, thermal printer, and the cash register must be prepared

With the development of new retail, the online and offline integrated business model of supermarket convenience stores has attracted many entrepreneurs. As a novice, how to open a supermarket convenience store? What do I need to prepare?

1.open a supermarket convenience store. Location selection is very important.Supermarket convenience stores are nothing more than the word “convenience”, so we try to choose a place with a large passenger flow as much as possible. Regarding the location, there is a jingle: “triangular windows, occupy two sides, open the “going road” to make more money”, meaning In other words, the convenience store is best opened at the corner of the intersection, so that customers in the four directions can see the convenience store. “Occupy two sides” means that the store should have glass windows on both sides, which is conducive to the attention of customers. In daily life, if we pay attention to observations, the whole family and Xisduo are designed in this way.

2. Open a supermarket convenience store   area should be appropriateThe existence of a supermarket convenience store mainly depends on its convenience, not the type of product. If the operating area is too large, on the one hand, the rent will be too high, and on the other hand, it will also cause inventory pressure. This will also increase operating pressure, which is counterproductive.

Touch screen POS manchine

3. To open a supermarket convenience store, you must obtain relevant documentsThe main documents required to open a supermarket convenience store are: business license (now these three certificates have been merged together, namely business license, food circulation permit and tax registration certificate). In addition, selling cigarettes in convenience stores is essential. Tobacco licenses, the licensing rules of stores in different places will be different, you can go directly to the local official website or official telephone to inquire about what materials are needed, so as to avoid tossing back and forth.

4.open a supermarket convenience store POS hardware and software must be complete.The hardware and software of supermarket convenience stores mainly include shelves, cash registers, pos terminal , thermal printer, barcode scanners, etc., which are all necessary for opening a supermarket. If you don’t know how to choose, you can choose MINJCODE in terms of hardware, which is guaranteed after sale.

5. open a supermarket convenience store. The details cannot be ignored.According to a survey, there are more women than men among supermarket convenience store consumers. Therefore, the shelves of supermarket convenience stores should not exceed 165 cm and should not exceed 6 floors. In addition, there are many aspects that need attention, such as how to decorate the convenience store, how to carry out promotional activities in the convenience store, how to manage the goods in the convenience store, etc. These all require continuous learning.

The last sentence is that the convenience store should be opened on the way to and from get off work, because when we go to work, we don’t have time to hang out in it and wait for the end of get off work. Everyone is more relaxed, and will bring something back home by the way. If the address is selected, the performance of the convenience store can be increased by at least 30%.

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Post time: Nov-22-2022