Solutions to common problems with 80mm thermal printers

80mm POS receipt printers are used in a wide range of industries including retail, hospitality and healthcare to print important documents such as sales receipts and order confirmations. These printers use thermal technology to produce high quality prints quickly and efficiently. However, like any other electronic device, thermal receipt printers can face a number of issues that can affect their performance. In the following section, we will discuss the most common problems users encounter when using POS thermal printers and provide appropriate troubleshooting solutions.

1.80mm Thermal Printer FAQs



Fault Cause



Printer paper and Errorindicator flashing at sametime,and make a Di... beep sound

Printer lack  of paper

Install  paper correctly


Printer error flashing and make a Di...beep sound

1.The printer head is too hot 2. The flip not closed well

1. Open the cover and dissipate heat fully then go on printing. 2.Cover the flip well


When the printer prints only paper run but not print

Print paper install reverse

Please install the print paper for a opposite direction


The printer print fuzzy

1.The print head not clean for a long time 2.The character colour in thermal paper no good

1.Put cotton dipped in anhydrous alcohol and gently wipe the printer core ceramic parts until clean enough 2.Please choose high quality thermal paper


There is no response of printer

The power adaptor not connected

Please check power adaptor is connected well or not,power switch is turn on or not


Printer can self test, but can not print online

Diver port selsction error

Please select the correct print driver port based on the actual connection port


Printer serial port does not print or print garbled

Bit rate slection error

Please set the COM baud rate accoridng to the COM info on self check page

2.How to avoid common problems with 80mm printers?

2.1 Regular maintenance and cleaning

1.Clean the print head regularly: Use a special cleaning card or wand to thoroughly clean the print head, removing dust and debris from the print head surface to ensure print quality.

2.Adjust paper: Use paper that meets specifications and load it correctly to avoid clogging problems in the 80mm receipt printer.

3.Check the connection: Regularly check that the printer's interface cable is securely connected to ensure smooth data transmission.

2.2. Choose quality accessories

To avoid printer malfunctions caused by low- quality parts, we recommend that you choose original or high  - quality accessories . Here are some suggestions.

Choose original accessories: We recommend that you use the accessories from the original manufacturer 's accessories to ensure compatibility and stability.

Choose quality accessories from well-known brands: Consider choosing accessories well-known reputable brands such as MINJCODE, Zebra, etc. to ensure the quality and performance of the accessories.

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