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Our wearable scanners are easy to use and increase efficiency and productivity. Rugged and ergonomic. Barcode scanners for mobile workers.

MINJCODE is a professional manufacturer of barcode scanners from China,We’re here to help you find the right barcode products for your needs and the MINJCODE team is here to offer free advice on products and technical enquiries.

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Wearable barcode scanner

  1. 2.4G & Bluetooth Wireless & USB Wired Connection: Bluetooth barcode scanner specially designed with 2.4G wireless & Bluetooth & USB wired three types of connection mode, easy to switch, easily connect with various devices like laptop, PC, POS, smartphone , tablet, iPhone, iPad and computers to perfectly work with windows 10, Mac OS, Linux, Google, Android etc common systems.
  2. Wearable Ring Barcode Scanner : The finger barcode scanner adopts Wearable ring design to wear it on the finger, left or right, increasing your satisfaction and comfort. And after you can scan barcode data, then record it in time. Extremely free your hand and greatly improve your work efficiency.
  3. Built-in Flash Memory: Built in 2MB flash, it can save over 100,000 barcodes.
  4. Strong Decoding Capability: EAN13、EAN8、UPC-A、UPC-E0、UPC-E1、Code128、Code39、Code93、CodaBar、Interleaved 2 of 5、Industrial 2 of 5、Matrix 2 of 5、Code11、MSI_x0002_Plessey、Standard 2 of 5、Plessey、China Post、GS1 Databar(RSS-Expand, RSS-Limited, RSS-14)
  5.  Portable and Durable : Reduces interference and improves worker transaction time while reducing accidental drops, lowering the total cost of ownership. Small size with large storage, portable and endurable.

Wearable Barcode Scanner Advantages

Wearable Barcode Scanners: For Highly Mobile Workers

Finger barcode scanner wireless paired to your mobile computer boost productivity in your operations. Corded or Bluetooth 1D/2D ring scanners allow workers to pick more orders, more accurately, every day. Work processes are simpler and superior ergonomics improve user comfort increasing employee satisfaction.

Our staff at MINJCODE Technologies can explain the features and benefits of wearable barcode scanners:

  • Increased worker productivity
  • Increased order accuracy
  • Faster delivery times
  • Minimal training required


Specification Parameter

Mfr P/N



2.4G Bluetooth,USB wired

Wireless Transmission Range

Inside 15m, outside 30m

Storage Capacity

Approx 2MB, can store approx 100,000 barcodes

Battery Capacity

3.7v 360mAh

Charging Power

DC 5V 1000mA


≥ 10mA

Operating Current

≥ 150mA

Sleeping Power Consumption


Light Source Type



Micro USB


Turn on the vibration mode can work continuously for 140 minutes





Applicable 1D barcode


Code128、Code39、Code93、CodaBar、Interleaved 2 of 5、Industrial 2 of 5、Matrix 2 of 5、Code11 MSI- Plessey、Standard 2 of 5、Plessey、China Post、GS1 Databar(RSS-Expand, RSS-Limited, RSS-14)

All our scanners and barcode scanner accessories are 100% inspected before shipment.Provide one year warranty.

If you are looking for scanners for sale in bulk, MINJCODE offers the most professional advice and the best prices for wholesale or bulk quantities.

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