New Arrival ring barcode scanner for you!

MINJCODE ring scanner is also called wearable Bluetooth acquisition terminal scanner, which integrates automatic identification technology, wireless communication technology and database technology. At the same time, the four major functions of the ring scanner are an indispensable weapon for the logistics industry to automatically obtain and transmit information in real time.

ring barcode scanner,MJ3670

1.Powerful compatible system, smooth and free operation
Operating system: It can be connected and used with smart operating systems such as Android, Windows, IOS, etc., with higher-end configuration and more convenient and smooth operation.
2.Function upgrade, operation is more worry-free
3.Comfortable to wear, efficient and easy to use
It can be worn on the fingers and can be operated with one hand. It’s the thinnest and most compact among similar products. It’s easy to work without cumbersome; it can be matched with a variety of devices and operating systems. In high-load work applications such as moving goods, scanning efficiency and user experience can be improved.
4.Industrial protection, more durable quality
In the complex application environment of the logistics industry and high-intensity and high-frequency use, the ring scanner will fully cover all aspects of logistics and distribution, from order picking, cargo transportation, dispatching tasks, cargo distribution, and receipt management.

ring barcode scanner,MJ3670ring barcode scanner,MJ3670
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Post time: Sep-23-2021