Why should I use a wireless bar code reader with a charging cradle?

Barcode scanners are widely used in retail, logistics, libraries, healthcare, warehousing and other industries. They can quickly identify and capture barcode information to improve efficiency and accuracy. Wireless barcode scanners are more portable and flexible than wired barcode scanners. They can connect to mobile devices and computer terminals via Bluetooth technology and wireless networks, extending the range and scenarios in which the decoders can be used. At the same time, wireless barcode scanners also have the advantages of high speed, high accuracy and low power consumption, making them an important part of modern industrial automation.

2.Why use a wireless barcode reader with a charging stand

The emergence of barcodes has solved the pain point of classifying and marking items, then the emergence of barcode readers is to solve the pain point of quickly identifying and managing these barcodes. With the advent of laser, red light, CCD and now image scanners, the problem of reading barcodes from 1D to 2D and from paper to screen has been solved. In addition, the output of the scanner has changed from wired to wireless, and there is now a wireless barcode scanner gun with a charging dock that scans while charging. Simply placed on the dock and set to auto-sensing mode, its presence has solved the pain point of only being able to work continuously for a few hours, increasing efficiency. Our MJ2870 is one such high performance product. The charging base can be used as a 2.4G wireless dongle, reducing the risk of losing parts.

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3.Features of wireless barcode reader with charging stand

3.1 Charging cradle design and use:

Wireless 2D barcode scanner with a cradle are usually equipped with a cradle that can be connected to a computer or other device for charging via a USB cable. The cradle also has an indicator light that lights up when charging and goes out completely when charging is complete.

3.2 Using wireless communication technology:

Barcode scanners wireless with charging cradle usually use Bluetooth or Wireless-is or other convenient wireless communication technology for communication. Users can use the wireless scanner to scan barcodes or 2D codes and send the data to a computer, smartphone or other device for viewing or processing. Wireless communication technology allows users to move away from wired connections, increasing freedom and flexibility. In addition, the scanners enable long-range wireless transmission, ensuring that users can scan and transmit data without leaving the premises.

3.3 Support for Multiple Barcode Recognition

Support for Multiple Barcode Recognition and Scanning Modes Wireless bar code scanners with cradle typically support multiple bar code formats and scanning modes, such as 1D bar codes, 2D codes, PDF417 codes, Data Matrix codes and more. Scanning modes typically include manual scanning, automatic scanning and continuous scanning, which can be flexibly set according to specific application requirements.

3.4 Wide applicability:

Wireless scanners with cradle are suitable for a wide range of scenarios and working environments such as retail, warehousing, logistics, medical and other industries.

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4.Application scenarios of wireless barcode reader with charging stand

4.1. Retail industry:

Can be used for cashiering, inventory management, etc.

4.2. Warehouse and logistics industry:

Can be used to scan barcodes or QR codes for inventory management, inbound and outbound operations.

4.3. Manufacturing industry:

Can be used to track parts and finished products in the production process.

4.4. Healthcare:

Can be used to track the inventory and movement of medicines and medical equipment, as well as for diagnostics and treatments.

5.How to choose a wireless barcode reader with a charging stand

5.1 Scanning efficiency and recognition accuracy of the scanner

5.2 Application scenarios and environmental requirements of readers

5.3 Scanner brands and quality of service


With the continuous development of IoT, artificial intelligence and other technologies, barcode scanner, as one of the IoT and intelligent tools, will have the following major development trends in the future:

1. Wearable barcode scanner: it will be worn on wristbands and smart glasses, for example, to provide a more convenient and efficient application experience.

2. 2D code recognition capability: 2D code technology will be more widely used in the future, and the barcode scanner will gradually realise efficient and accurate recognition of 2D codes.

3. Automatic IOT barcode management: In the future, barcode scanners will be deeply integrated with IOT technology to realize fully automatic barcode management, integrate data collection with data analysis and prediction and many other functions, and improve the accuracy and intelligence of barcode recognition.

4. Low power consumption and large capacity: In terms of hardware, barcode scanners will pay more and more attention to low power consumption, large capacity, high precision, high speed and other aspects of upgrading to provide a more efficient, reliable and durable card reading experience.

Post time: Jun-06-2023